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Back up Your Data, Now!!

Data is something that's very valuable. Even exceed the value of the storage media. We lost a mobile phone, a computer or a laptop or even a flash often lament how precious data in it, such as documents and important papers, project data, assignments, thesis, and much more.

Writing on my personal experience, how sorry I have omitted an important file, i might be able to make it back, but considering the time I had to go through to write or create the data, makes me even more depressed.

back up data I can take a few lessons from the experience, and may be valuable to you, readers of this paper, it's important how to back up data as soon as possible, avoid thinking, "later is", the loss of data isn't something that can be predicted in advance.

Many ways we can do to back up data, such as;

  • Left on a friend.
if the size isn't too large, surely there is a friend that we can rely on, but must see the value in secrecy, a bit risky, but it can still be an option.

  • Keep a copy of the data in external memory.
I am getting used backing up important data on internal hard disk to a floppy disk, and a mini sd in my mobile phone, it may seem redundant, but it indicates how valuable the data I have

  • Online storage
dropbox could be an option, because it supports the synchronization process, but the free version capacities is limited, but still better than nothing at all.

so when do we need to back up data?

My advice, do it now, don't wait for the time to regret a missing data, multiple applications to restore the data we can possibly get from the internet, but no one was able to restore data at 100%.

so how? how do you secure your important data? would you share with me?

back up data

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