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Free Funny pictures maker Download

Photo Editor is an application that I think is important-have for any computer user, whether it is paid or free, this time I wanted to share a free photo editor software, and certainly powerful enough to change your photo that was ordinary to good and unique to use on your facebook account, google+, or wherever you want to display your photo.

Did you ever edit your photo display in
What if you want to change the look of your photo offline?  or without being connected to the internet?

In this post I will share an application that can beautify the appearance of your photo that you can use for facebook profile pictures, unique blog banner, or wallpaper for your laptop.
This is a photo editor software, Funny photo maker, to change the look of your photo, you just need to;

  • Install and run the software Funny pictures maker

  • Add your photo by clicking the "+" and then select the location of your photos stored.

  • Click edit original image to rotate and zoom images.

  • Select the template image on the right panel. There are three types of templates Frames, Face Fun and Artistic. Of each type, there are several kinds of templates and please try one by one to find that fit.

  • Click the Output tab and click Export to save the image or images.  
Easy right?

  To begin editing your photo, please download Funny pictures maker here ;

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