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7 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Computer's Performance

Did you had protected your PC?
Slow computer is a very serious problem for computer users, many computer users are complaining their computer is slow at start up, opening programs, surfing, or even frequent crashes. Are you one of those computer users?

Actually, the problem doesn't need to happen if you truly care for your computer, wanting to know how? Below I'll Tell the 7 simple ways caring for your computer, which if you do will help speed up the performance of your computer.

Here are seven simple ways;

1. Get used to update your system.
It is quite important to make sure your computer's operating system up to date, there are many adviser who suggest to turn off automatic updates to speed up internet connection, but the computer system security which isn't updated will make your computer vulnerable.

2. Buy a good anti virus program.
Antivirus is the most important application for your computer, most computers running slow because damaged by a virus or malware. Free Antivirus may protect you, but what's wrong with paying a few dollars to get more optimal protection for your beloved computer?
Always make sure your antivirus updated regularly.

3. Identify processes running on your computer.
see what processes are running on your computer by opening the task manager (ctrl + alt + del), to determine the function of the name of the process that you find in the task manager, I suggest you visit

4. Use a firewall
Make sure your computer's firewall is enabled, open control panel, then open windows firewall. Firewall can protect your computer from trojans and worms.

5. Learn the registry on your computer.
This point probably the most difficult, but most cases slow computer or crash because of registry errors or corupt, there's lot of malware can damage or alter your registry, and lot of unused registry due to too frequent installing and uninstalling software are also very likely to make your computer slow, there are many applications that you can choose to repair or clean your computer from unused registry, such as advanced system care or CCleaner.
It is also recommended to back up your registry after doing the fresh install, this will allow you to restore your registry to its original state.

6. Defragment and diskcheck.
Open my computer, then right click on local disk (C :), click on properties. on the tools tab, click defragment now. click on one of the drives list that appears, and then analyze, if the results suggest you to defragment, defragment it.
Do also diskcheck, the option to do diskcheck appears when you open the tools tab.

7. Perform back up.
Better to prevent than regret, always back up your important data, you'll never know if one day you discover your computer can't be opened and all you can see is a blue screen fatal error message.

7 ways above is the basic method to take care of your computer devices, there's so many applications can help you improve the performance of your computer, please look and learn before using it.

Hopefully what I write useful to you, please leave a comment, thank you.  

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